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Dr. Steve Burns provides complete vision health services to the Kankakee and Will counties, and has provided ophthalmology services for 13 years. Count on Eye Physicians of Kankakee for your vision needs, such as laser eye surgery, cataract treatment, and eye infection or disease diagnosis and treatment.

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Cataracts, a clouding of the eye's lens, are the most common cause of eyesight loss in adults over 40. Dr. Burns is experienced in providing cataract surgery and can help you to see the way you used to again.

Successful cataract treatment

Dr. Burns provides in-office procedures such as laser eye surgery. Not to be confused with LASIK surgery, laser is a painless procedure performed for disease treatment of the eye and prevents progression of eye disease such as glaucoma. 

Laser eye surgery available

When bacteria, fungi, or other virus enters the eye at any part, you develop an eye infection. Common infections include pink eye, Acanthamoeba keratitis, and viral or fungal keratitis. Dr. Burns offers prompt diagnosis and treatment of these infections.

Treating infection and disease so you can restore your health

Comprehensive eye care services

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