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Glaucoma is a "silent disease;" a problem with the optic nerve that often goes unnoticed until serious visual problems have already developed. Prevent irreversible damage by getting tested for glaucoma, especially if you are at risk. People at risk include adults over the age of 50 with a family history of glaucoma, African Americans, persons with high eye pressure, and many more.


Get tested for glaucoma and keep your eyes in optimal health!

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve. This nerve exits the back of the eye carrying visual information from the eye to the vision centers in the brain.  Glaucoma is typically related to abnormally high pressure inside the eye and can eventually cause total vision loss.

What does glaucoma do?

Treatment may include monitoring, drops, or a laser procedure called selective laser trabeculoplasty. Sometimes surgery is needed for treatment of glaucoma. Dr. Burns will put you at ease and help you to understand which treatment is best for you.

Treatment options available

Dr. Burns provides screening exams for people who are at risk for glaucoma, so that they can be identified and treated when necessary. These exams include a complete dilated exam, automated visual field testing and imaging of the optic nerve using optical coherence tomography.

Diagnosis is pain-free!

Prevent serious vision problems with glaucoma testing

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